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Let’s face it, most job search strategies do not work. If you are looking for a new job, it’s time to use a new strategy. Introducing new job next week - an online course to teach you strategies that actually work so that you can land your dream job.



Dream what’s possible, identify the market gap, create a targeted list, craft your perfect pitch, introduce, and follow-up. Learning these tactics will land you your new job.


Each of the lesson's in New Job Next Week will require you to take action, starting with research and then building your action plan for landing that new job you've been dreaming of.


Now you'll take the leading question, the problem, and the solution, and you'll begin working down your target list. With your perfect pitch crafted, you'll be ready to study your contact and press send. 

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I'm going to show you the strategy you can use to land a new job next week. This strategy will give you expert tips in:

Finding information

Creating your XYZ statement

Recognizing your assets

Discovering opportunities

Making a list of possibilities

Discovering a solvable problem

Warming up the relationship

Perfecting your pitch

Creating your follow-up strategy

New job next week

Over 80% of all jobs are never advertised. So how do you get these jobs? How do you find out who is hiring? That’s exactly what you will learn a new job next week. Click the button to get instant access to this course.


Frequently Asked Questions

This course includes: video lessons, audio downloads, transcripts, resources, email scripts, and more.

The course content will take you approximately seven hours to watch. It will take longer to follow through on the action items. We recommend adjusting your schedule to allow 2-4 hours per day over the course of one to two weeks to complete this entire process in your current job. 

Here is a list of the course lessons:

Module 1: Dream what’s possible

Lesson 1: Course introduction

Lesson 2: Course overview

Lesson 3: Recognize the opportunities

Lesson 4: Recognize your assets

Module 2: Identify the market gap

Lesson 1: Your dream position

Lesson 2: Discovering the market gap

Lesson 3: Identify the market gap

Lesson 4: Focus on one problem

Lesson 5: Identify your proven process

Module 3: Create a targeted list

Lesson 1: Create your X,Y,Z statement

Lesson 2: Local, relocate, or online

Lesson 3: Uncover company data

Lesson 4: Locating people to contact

Lesson 5: Finding contact information

Lesson 6: Design your people map

Module 4: Craft your perfect pitch

Lesson 1: Perfect your pitch introduction

Lesson 2: Leading question

Lesson 3: Creating your leading question

Lesson 4: Become a student of your contact

Lesson 5: Warming up the relationship

Module 5: Introduce and follow up

Lesson 1: Introduction and follow up

Lesson 2: Set your “no” number

Lesson 3: Start with Service

Lesson 4: When you get a reply

Lesson 5: Consistent follow-up

Lesson 6: Naturally network 

We truly believe you will love this course! This program works, and I am confident it will work for you. If you give it a genuine go and you don't think it's a fit for you, send us an email within thirty days and we will give you a full refund. 

Click here to email our support team or call us at 704-810-1267 leave a voicemail. Our support team will get back to you as soon as we can.

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This course will take you through a proven process to get a new job by next week without filling out thousands of online job applications.



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